Specialty Sensor Technology with Pressure Sensing and Temperature

Sensing Solutions

Capacitive Ceramic Pressure Sensor
NTC Temperature Sensor
Automotive Planar Oxygen Sensor

    1. Pressure Sensor (Sensor with Capacitive Ceramic Diaphragm) Therefore, we can see this capacitive ceramic pressure transmitter, as an undated version of the diffused silicone sensor, could perfectly avoid two grave shortcomings of low range and poor overload capacity and enjoy high temperature stability and time stability. More
    1. Temperature Sensor(Sensor with NTC Thermistor) This quality temperature measurement device adopts a double-layer encapsulation which is highly insulated and resistant to mechanical collision and enjoys great flexural strength. To satisfy customers’ different needs, customized temperature sensors are available right now. More
    1. Oxygen Sensor(Sensor for Automotive Exhaust System) Sensor for automotive exhaust system is a critical component for the control system of EFI engine of an automotive. It could effectively help promote the burning quality of oils within the engine, control the exhaust emission and therefore lower the air pollution. More

Capacitive Pressure Sensor and Temperature Sensor Manufacturer

Ampron Sensitive Components Co., Ltd., first established in 1999, is a reliable Chinese manufacturer of sensitive elements. Long dedicated to the R&D and manufacture of advanced sensors, we have been exerting great efforts in the product development and provided with customers rich quality sensors geared to home appliances and industrial equipment. Our most classic sensors include the automotive pressure sensors, NTC temperature sensors, industrial temperature sensors and automotive oxygen sensor which are highly credited for their accurate measurement, quick response, reliable performance and long service life and etc. Moreover, we have successfully cooperated with customers around the world and gained increasing attentions from others. Besides rich types available for user to select, we provide custom services with customers to satisfy their specific requirements for the sensitive element in the application. If you are interested in our sensors, please feel free to contact us. We promise to provide you ideal sensitive element solutions and best services.